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Walmart Catalog

Walmart catalog has thousands of items to choose from. Find your favorite movie on DVD or Blu-ray. Browse our selection of CDs and books from top artists and authors. Purchase clothing, shoes and other apparel for adults, children and babies. Get furnishings for your living room, bedroom or patio. That and much more is available from the Walmart catalog.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Fairly typical looking circular (Aug26-Sept1) for a mass retailer like Walmart. They advertise food items, electronics, clothes, etc. Pretty good prices, which people come to expect from Wal-mart, on electronics, games, and other gadgets.

Something that I found was a nice change from the ordinary circular was the food recipes they included on page 4-5. Many stores advertise and sell food, but rare do I see anyone give ideas on how to use those food items to make something yummy at home. And with football season fast approaching, there's going to be a lot of eating going on in America.

Also impressive was the vast assortment of flat screens Walmart was showing and the great prices. A 60" Sharp flat screen for only $1498... that'll make a lot of people consider watching football on a new screen this Fall.