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Home Depot Catalog

Home Depot catalog features everything a person needs for home improvement jobs. The professional contractor and the do it yourselfer will both find the items that they need to get the job done. Home Depot sells everything from wood and nails to granite countertops and top of the line appliances. They also sell plumbing, electrical and gardening equipment.


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The Great American Fix Up... is what Home Depot is pushing on this flyer. New projects every week. Big savings every day.

This circular shows some items to get you ready for Fall and Winter. Turf Builder for $18.98 which will help get that lawn in shape for next year. And a Toro Power Clear snowblower for $399 seems to be a nice deal. I use a snowblower every winter and would never go back to a shovel.

Next page presents some items for the bathroom... a new toilet to replace that old nasty one that never flushes anything (Delta Prelude for $129). Or a new faucet, vaniety, and tile to spruce up that 1970's looking master bath. Yeah, you know what I mean.

The last page lets you sign up for the Home Depot Style Guide. Get inspired and motivated. Every season this style guide will inspire you with the latest home trends and motivate you with all the how-to you need to make them happen.