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J Crew Catalog

J Crew catalog is synonymous with style and sophisticated clothing options for the budget conscious shopper. The catalog offers selections that exude confidence and success, but remain affordable. The product line ranges from selections for men and woman, including apparel, shoes and other accessories. In addition to their adult selection, there are also a variety of options for children.

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Past Catalog Review... 2014 October

The October J Crew Style Guide jets us off to the incredible land of Japan. They hit the vibrant streets of Tokyo, where they hung with Harajuku girls, were awed by ancient shrines and snacked on sushi-shaped candy. Fun times, but I hope they brought back some great clothes

As I browse through the first few pages, I like the styles, even though they are simple. Nothing wows me or knocks me out of my shoes... but the fashion is clean, cute, and should work for most people.

Inside is a tippi sweater that's spun in soft merino wool and cast in a rainbow of happy hues. The brompton mini-hobo bag is black, white and chic all over, in beautifully buffed matte leather.

Towards the middle you get into the Italian cashmere and No 2 pencil skirt section. These I really like. Stylish and fun, you'll like them too.

The further I traveled through this catalog the more I liked. The colors got more interesting, styles diversified, and my interest level peaked.


2014 September Style Guide

You dress for the bright side. You stand out, just the right amount. You recognize the careful construction of a collar. The beauty of a handcrafted shoe. You have an eye for detail. An ear for the music of colors. You are charmed by the little touches and the provenance of pattern. You know that well made trumps well played. We love these sorts of clothes. We know you do too. We know you're out there.

Very well said from the J Crew gang.

You have a passion for Italian shoes and spaghetti westerns. You're drawn to well-made bags and dog-eared paperbacks... this continues the odd but interesting flare that this catalog exudes. As I wander through the beginning of this style guide, I see some unique and interesting outfits but also some odd birds. That's fashion I guess.

Once I get to A Need For Tweed on page 30, things start to fall in place. I like where they are going with these items and outfits. Pair this fall-is-here fabric with bright hues, bold accessories and irresistible candy-color toothpick denim. It's all in the mix.

Page 106 starts up the Crewcuts Field Trip (or kids) section. If you want your kid to stand out with style, look no further. You will love these clever and unique kids outfits. Great colors to inspire any child's imagination.

All in all, I'd say nice work J Crew.. I'm gettin what you're bringin.