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Target Catalog

Target catalog can help you find whatever it is you need. Get clothing for men, women, children and babies. Furnish your home with chairs, lounge seats, lamps, tables or bookcases. Upgrade you kitchen with new dinnerware, cookware and appliances. Enjoy new TVs, DVDs, iPods, books or cameras. The Target catalog has it all.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Target's pre-labor day circular is pretty standard as circulars go... nothing of great value to report/review here. They show standard home items, some electronics, video games, back to school stuff, and miscellaneous other items.

Something I did find funny in the circular was the clothing section... wow, really, those are the t-shirts they selected to go into the circular to try to sell. I feel bad for the young kids and teens in these ads that were made to wear these shirts/outfits. Has clothing styles really gotten this bad for kids... they literally look like miniture clowns. Sign'm up for the circus. Poor kids, sorry.

Some nice things I saw is that Target also had links on the left side of screen to a Club Wedd Catalog and a Baby Catalog. These catalogs showed wonderful products, great gift ideas, and gear that can really help a new parent with a baby. Stylish items and great large photography made these catalogs a pleasure to browse. Nice job on these ones Target.