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Lowes Catalog

Lowes catalog features products for home organization, remodeling and decorating. You can find everything from a new closet organization system, to custom blinds, to drywall. You can find all the appliances you need for your home. Both the casual do-it-yourselfer and the professional contractor will find what they need at Lowes.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

This is the Pre-Labor Day circular for Lowe's. Fairly standard items you'd expect from the home hardware retailer. Fall items like a leaf blower and outdoor firepit (which does look pretty nice for only $59). Also showing a tool set and an outdoor shed which seem to go along with the season.

Something I didn't understand on this circular, and it took up valuable front cover space, is Lowe's featuring bottled water. Very strange that a large home improvement store, with its thousands of great products to help your home... is selling bottled water in its ad. Funny, must make some decent cash off those bottles.

The rest of the circular is pretty standard.. appliances like refridgerators from $999 to $2299. Also washer dryers from $499 to $999.

Nothing here to blow my mind or make me say, damn I need to get to Lowe's... but they do sell the basic home items at good prices. And I have to mention, anytime I go there, they are very helpful, which is rare in these big box stores.