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LL Bean Catalog

LL Bean catalog brings you top of the line sportswear for men, women and children. Get the best and get it for less with impressive savings directly from the LL Bean catalog. The LL Bean brand leads the way for quality, durability and cutting-edge fashion with a fabulous collection of active clothing, sleepwear, shoes, luggage and more.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Front cover the of LL Bean Back to School Catalog has kids looking like they're ready to rock-n-roll in the new school year. Decked out in new digs from LL Bean with big smiles on their faces. Best part of all, parents get a little breath of fresh air at home without having kids 24/7.

Back packs start off this catalog with a wide variety of colors and some different patterns. Not sure how great the patterns look or how stylish, but the kids might like them. And I'm sure the packs are rugged and tough since they are from LL Bean.

Next in the catalog we get into the kids clothes. Cute outfits for the girls with bright colors and nice simple skirts. For the boys, some casual rugged pants and shirts. Simple, but they'll look good, feel good, and the boys won't wear these out right away (which is what parents want).

Bringing up the rear of the catalog is the outdoor gear. Again, like we haven't said it enough, very rugged and tough items that should last through the beatings kids give... but not so sure I'm sold on these styles. A little plain for kids nowadays. Not that they'd be looking for flashy, but kids today don't want plain Jane kind of stuff.

Overall I'd say the clothing and gear in the LL Bean catalog is good, solid, worth the buy kind of merchandise... maybe just kick the styling up a notch.

Catalog Review... LL Bean Late Summer 2012

100 years old and still on kicking... LL Bean has been around a while. And this catalog promotes nice and big on the front cover that all orders ship FREE. Pretty nice since there is no minimum which most retailers make you do.

Now on to the actual merchandise. As always, good high quality items like tees, polo shirts, and pants. Very simple styling-wise but I don't think that's where LL Bean has tried to make its mark over the last 100 years. Simple style, but quality and durable.

Pretty wide selection of shoes starting on page 16, and the Explorer Sandals are actually kind of sharp in the looks deptartment. I like them in a rugged kind of way.

To wrap it up simply... LL Bean has a nice selection of quality clothes, shoes, and gear... limited in trendy style, but again, not the main focus of Bean I don't think.