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Sundance Catalog

Sundance catalog emerged from the creative eye of Robert Redford. As much art as fashion, the jewelry and edgy clothing lines, for men and women, have been delighting shoppers for more than twenty years. Peruse the pages of Sundance catalog and find out why this is the catalog used by discerning shoppers, who are looking for the latest in unique and outstanding fashion trends.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Something is in the air. A smell. A sweet smell. The temperature mild and still. It was intoxicating. I then realized it was the smell of seasonal decay... from Robert Redford of Sundance.

So the shorts, sandals and loose fitting tank tops with highlights of summer color were now giving way to a sepia tone. Shadows now appearing, longer ones. And clothing layering up. Cashmere sweaters, wool trimmings, scarves, boots, tweed. Early autumn, the golden in between. There's beauty in it. I hope you find something that fits in this catalog.

This fall booklet has great dresses, blouses, skirts, jewelry, pants and other accessories that fit the autumn season perfectly. And all with a touch of artistic flair which is sort of a trademark of Sundance.

Simple yet refined. Rustic, but with a sense of class. I like the styles inside, the way it's presented... and I think you will also.