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Coldwater Creek Catalog

Coldwater Creek catalog carries stylish, high-quality women's clothing in misses, petite, and other women's sizes. Show your favorite colors with our bright cardigans, festive skirts, and no-iron shirts. Browse through the selection of jewelry and accessories to accent your style. Take a step in style by ordering your next wardrobe through the Coldwater Creek catalog.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Looking at the cover of this catalog my mind just kind of says "ehhhh". The cover shot really doesn't peak my interest in the clothes.. it's just sort of bland. But when I open up the catalog, inside are some nice items... so I continue to browse.

I looked through the whole catalog and found most of the merchandise nice. Styling didn't blow me away but still nice. Most of the tops and blouses are appealing, but the denim for some reason looks sort of low caliber compared to some of the great looking denim seen at other retailers.

Not very impressed with the background for the photography... looked basic and added no pizzaz to the shots. The clothing is again, "nice", but great shots/backgrounds can really draw you in and make merchandise pop. Didn't happen here.